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Concrete Scan and Utility Locate - London, Ontario, Canada

A production facility in Strathroy, Ontario hired a contractor to install new equipment within their facility. As part of this installation a portion of the slab had to be removed and excavated to install a new footing. In order to ensure that all personnel would remain safe during this cutting and digging and to ensure that production was not interrupted, the contractor and the facility elected to have a concrete scan and utility locate performed to ensure that no underground or in-slab conduits or other utilities would be impacted.

Concrete Scan and Utility Locate - London, Ontario, Canada

GPRS Enterprises’ Hamilton office mobilized to the site and was able to provide concrete scanning services as well as indoor private utility locating services in one quick mobilization. They were able to detect two conduits within the slab and two drain lines beneath the slab that could have potentially been impacted by the sawcutting and digging of the footing. If you are going to saw cut or core drill a concrete slab or have a need for any of our other services such as oil tank locating or private utility mark-outs, please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 or

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