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Locating Reinforcement In An Elevated Slab– Kansas City

Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was called to scan an elevated concrete slab in Kansas City, MO before core drilling was performed. The Client didn’t want any permanent marks on the floor so the technician laid down painters tape wherever there was reinforcement. The technician was able to mark any reinforcement in the slab to allow the contractor to perform his work without striking any anomalies.

Locating Reinforcement In An Elevated Slab– Kansas City

Using GPR to scan an area before coring is a smart and effective solution to help avoid conduits, post-tension cables, rebar and other items within the slab. Ground Penetrating Radar of Kansas City can also assist in any projects in Lawrence, Topeka, St. Joseph and Springfield areas. For more information about GPRS capabilities please contact Terry Jeffries at or 913-232-6533.

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