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GPR Scan for Storage Tank Install - Ladner, British Columbia
The photo above shows a high voltage duct bank, and an 8” fire water line running directly through the proposed excavation area. With this information, the design team was then able to change the positioning on the tank and fill station in order to have safety clearance away from these important utilities.  

Utility Locating Prior to Installing a Fueling Station
- Ladner (Delta), British Columbia, Canada

GPRS Enterprises Inc. of British Columbia was contacted by a Langley based company that specializes in the installation of above ground storage tanks and fueling station systems. The location where the tank was to be installed was located on a large scale farm, and the concern was that high voltage and fire water utilities were buried in the area. GPRS mobilized the next day after receiving the call, and thoroughly investigated the area using a combination of ground penetrating radar grid surveying, and radio detection testing. The project took approximately 2 hours to complete, which kept the cost within our minimum price range. All findings that were located during the survey were marked in the area clearly with marking paint, along with depths to the top of each target.

Able one call service was contacted at the beginning of the project, but since all of these utilities were installed privately, there were no city or formal plans showing any locations or depths. Digging without first identifying these critical targets may have resulted in project delays, greatly higher costs, and possibly a major safety accident with regard to the high voltage lines (only 2’ deep). In addition to surveying the larger grassy area above, GPRS investigated the surrounding buildings for any evidence that may show utilities crossing to the project area. Underground vaults were all opened, and any conduits were clamped onto and traced using the radio detection transmitter and receiver. A tone was also induced onto the fire hydrant in order to verify its location and depth with a higher degree of accuracy.

If your company is in need of utility location and mapping, underground storage tank locating, underground void mapping or environmental soil boring clearance in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact:
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