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GPRS Locates Private Utility Lines for Contractor - Jacksonville, FL

The Ground Penetrating Radar Services office located in Jacksonville Florida was recently contacted to locate and map out underground utilities at a local construction site. Core drilling would be taking place in order to anchor a fence around the perimeter of the construction site. The client wanted to be sure that they would not be drilling into any electrical, gas, sewage, communication or water lines that were running beneath the surface. GPRS was able to identify all five of those for this client. After our technician surveyed the area, they were able to clearly label all of these lines for the client. Having these lines painted on the surface enabled our client to easily drill without worry of bothersome and potentially dangerous subsurface hits. Working with GPRS to identify a time that worked well for the client was an extremely easy process.

GPRS Locates Private Utility Lines for Contractor - Jacksonville, FL

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