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GPR Scan of Concrete - Palm Beach Gardens, FLGPR Scan of Concrete - Palm Beach Gardens, FL

GPRS’s West Palm Beach office completed scanning for possible conduits on a metal pan concrete deck. The building manager requested that all areas have ground penetrating radar performed prior to any drilling into the slab. GPRS was able to mobilize quickly to the site and scan each proposed drill location. GPRS was able to mark the high and low points of the metal pan deck along with indicating where the wire mesh was located. GPRS recommended that the contractor drill only in the high or shallow points of the deck.

GPR is a safe alternative to a costly repair to conduits damaged by drilling. GPR emits no radiation and poses no health hazards. The findings are marked in real time directly on the surface with no processing time which allows the contractor to begin drilling immediately.

Please contact Brad Goforth by email at or by phone at 561-252-6132.

Ground Radar Scanning
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