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Concrete Rooftop Scanned for Reinforcing Steel - Gettysburg, PA

When a general contractor was working at a large facility in Gettysburg, PA he knew he had to find all the reinforcing steel prior to installing anchor bolts. The project consisted of installing 3 ½ inch anchor bolts on a roof prior to putting in base plates for extra handrails. There were a total of 10 separate locations, including 4 anchor bolts per location. The project manager contacted Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. Project Manager Sam Hart to locate all reinforcing steel within the drilling locations and was also able to clear a larger area around the locations so that the bolts could be adjusted without additional scanning. This was to ensure no structural damage was done to the facility and to ensure that no conduits were struck during the placement of these bolts. With the help of the latest in GPR technology and the skilled Project Managers in GPRS, the contractor was able to safely place these bolts without loss of time or injury to any of the workers drilling for these bolts. Sam completed the project in a timely manner and was able to do a complete walk through with the onsite project manager to ensure the markings were clearly understood.

Concrete Rooftop Scanned for Reinforcing Steel - Gettysburg, PA

GPRS is able to locate reinforcing (rebar and Post tension cables), conduits (both metal and PVC), and utilities below the slab with the latest in GPR technology along with an assortment of additional tools used on every job site. If you have a need for utility locating or concrete scanned before coring or saw cutting contact, Sam Hart (717-798-5721) or who works out of the Harrisburg office and covers the Mid-State Region.

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