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Concrete Scanning at High Rise Building - Atlanta, GA

Concrete Scanning at High Rise Building - Atlanta, GA

GPRS Scans Concrete Slab - Atlanta, GARecently, Ground Penetrating Radar Systems was requested to the site of a new high-rise in Atlanta, GA. GPRS representative Ryan Abueg was asked to determine the location of the reinforcing steel, beams, and embedded utility lines within the concrete so that they would not be damaged during drilling for anchor supports. GPR does not emit harmful radiation, produces virtually no noise, and will not disturb operating equipment or other workers. It is a perfect tool for determine the presence of obstruction in concrete slabs prior to drilling.

GPR is frequently used to scan concrete to determine the presence of embedded obstructions in concrete. It can be used on elevated slabs or on slab-on-grade concrete. It can also be used for locating underground utilities and underground storage tanks, as well as for unmarked grave mapping and locating septic systems.
Ryan Abueg is the GPRS contact based in Atlanta, GA and he can be reached at 678.920.2842 or by email at

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