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Locating Concrete Ramps at Lumber Yard - Central Florida

Ground Penetrating Radars Systems was recently called out to a lumber yard to locate utility lines. The yard was planning on relocating large concrete ramps where a crane offloads truck beds full of fresh trees to be processed to allow for increased volume. Prior to removing the old ramps and constructing the new ones, the lumber yard needed to locate the conduits powering the crane as well as any additional subsurface utilities that may pass under the site. As is often the case, much of the original site plan that had the utilities mapped out had been lost, and the accuracy of the partial plans they had were suspect. Existing plans can sometimes serve as a starting point for our technicians to locate utilities, but they are never relied upon or assumed to be correct due to the inaccuracies, both minor and complete, that are regularly discovered in them.

Locating Concrete Ramps at Lumber Yard - Central Florida

The job was done in stages as the crane moved large piles of logs away from scanning surfaces allowing access for our 400MHz radar antenna to sweep the area. Once underway, several relevant lines were quickly found including the expected conduits powering the crane, as well as an unexpected conduit on the opposite side of the crane platform. Also, a potable water line was located that was previously assumed by the customer to be outside of the scope of work. We created a new utility map of the area by using an aerial photo overlayed by color-coded lines indicating the various types of utilities along with their respective depths. The info we were able to provide the customer prompted them to immediately reassess their demo plans for the site, which is no doubt a headache, but not nearly as costly as if they had broken ground in the wrong place before determining exactly where the aforementioned utilities were located. As always, it is a privilage to serve a new customer by providing dependable information about the subsurface anomalies they could encounter on the job site. Knowing that the info will help to keep workers safe, as well as help the contractor to more efficently manage time and resources, brings satisfaction to us as a company.

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