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Location of Post Tension Cables and Underground Utilities Prior to Remodeling – Richmond, British Columbia

GPRS Enterprises of British Columbia was contacted by a home remodel contractor when he cut through a post tension cable while installing upgraded plumbing. Luckily, the client was not injured, and made the right decision to have GPRS locate all remaining cables and existing utilities prior to continuing with the remodel. A water line was located below the concrete slab (blue) along with shallow post tension cables that were running throughout the floor slab. The small 2GHz Palm antenna was used to survey within 2” of the wall, so that a maximum amount of area could be viewed, even around obstructions such as existing walls and piping.

Private Utility Locate - Burnaby, British Columbia

After these cables and utilities were clearly marked out with paint, the client was able to resume work without worry of anymore surprises. The survey information also allowed for more detailed planning, which also helped to avoid hitting cables or compromising the utilities below the slab.

If you are in need of any of our underground utility locating services, which include underground storage tank location, storm and sewer drain mapping, water and gas line location, and power/communication marking in the Lower Mainland or greater Vancouver area, please contact: Jesse Moorhouse at (604) 671-1829 or at

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