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Locating Rebar for a Structural Assessment in Etobicoke, ON

Due to a number of unforeseen circumstances, contractors can end up in a situation where the inspector is questioning the appropriate use of rebar and other supporting steel within concrete floors and/or walls. Contractors need a method of proving to the inspector that the appropriate amount of rebar was used that doesn’t involve tearing the concrete out and starting over. GPRS Enterprises can use ground penetrating radar antennas to map out the rebar in any concrete structure and provide a report to the inspector that details these findings.

Locating Rebar for a Structural Assessment in Etobicoke, ON

GPRS Enterprises, Inc. recently mobilized to a private residence in Etobicoke, ON for just this purpose. The homeowner had some concerns that rebar may not have been used in a suspended concrete porch slab and contacted GPRS to verify its presence. GPRS mobilized to the site and provided a report that the homeowner was able to provide to their inspector and engineer. If you need to locate rebar or have a need for any of our other services such as underground storage tank locating or private utility locating, please contact Jim James at 647-339-1265 or

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