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GPRS Locates Utilities at Military Base - Belle Chasse, LA

GPRS Locates Utilities at Military Base - Belle Chasse, LA

GPRS was contacted by a general contractor to locate known and unknown underground utilities within the planned area of construction at a local military installation in Belle Chasse, LA. All utility-like anomalies that could be located were marked on the surface with their approximate depth and direction as well as color coded per known type of utility, as applicable, following the Uniform Coloring Code. In addition to field markings, GPRS captured all findings using a handheld Trimble GPS unit in order to incorporate the findings into a client-provided CAD drawing. GPRS works on many military installations throughout the Gulf Coast and United States requiring extensive background checks and safety measures at each site. If you would like more information about ground penetrating radar or to request a quote, please visit our website at, or contact Jeremy Parrino at 504.940.8832 |

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