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Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc.
GPRS: Experts In GPR
Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, Inc. is the nation’s largest company specializing in the detection of underground utilities and the scanning of concrete structures. GPRS has an extensive nationwide network of highly trained and experienced technicians in every major U.S. market and in Canada. When clients hire GPRS, they have the peace of mind of knowing that they have the most reliable scanning technology on their job site and they'll receive the assistance of a technician who can provide them with the most accurate data. For over a decade, GPRS has been the industry leader by providing outstanding service and cutting edge technology, keeping projects on time, reducing safety risks, and putting our relationships with our clients before profit.


Private Utility Scanning GPR

Utility Locating

Utility detection is a two-step process, employing both Radio Detection and GPR. Our goal is to identify the type and location of these utilities in order to prevent damage to them and the surrounding environment as well as protect your workers on the job site. To provide the most comprehensive picture of existing sub-surface utilities on your job site, our ground-based services should be used in conjunction with your state’s one-call utility detection agency as well as any other utility data in your possession. GPRS is proud of our commitment to safety, and we encourage our clients to obtain as much information as possible about project areas in order to ensure a secure and responsible work environment.
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GPRS Concrete Scanning

Concrete Scanning

When planning either a renovation or repairs in a concrete structure, there is the risk of encountering rebar, conduits, and post tension cables during cutting, coring, or drilling. A GPRS technician provides the technology and technical proficiency to help clients complete their project safely and on budget. GPRS technicians are highly trained, fully insured, and have the industry’s best experience in order to provide accurate and professional scanning. GPRS can scale its services to meet the project size, from a large 3-week construction project to a one-hour locate project. GPRS has highly trained professionals in all major markets in the U.S. as well as in Canada. GPRS’s extensive network enables our technicians to respond quickly to all job requests, in most cases within 24 hours.
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The GPRS Value

The GPRS approach  

Consultative Approach
Our professional field personnel are driven to provide answers, not just subsurface feature locations. This drive pushes GPRS to understand your current subsurface questions and concerns and seek out the most effective means of finding the answers you need. We are subsurface problem solvers and risk controllers. Our consistent accuracy in locating your subsurface concerns ensures your project is safe, on-budget, and on-schedule.

  Proven Concrete and Utility Scanning Results  

Proven Results
Professional subsurface locating companies don’t rely on luck. GPRS deploys a full suite of effective non-destructive locating equipment operated by expertly trained and supported Team Members ensuring you receive consistent and repeatable answers to the varied subsurface concerns your project faces. Last year Ground Penetrating Radar Systems completed over 34,000 projects in North America. Our records show an accuracy rate well over 99%.

GPRS Rapid Response  

Rapid Response
Time is a primary currency traded on any given construction project. At Ground Penetrating Radar Systems, our everyday efficiency in operations allows us to respond to the immediate needs of our customers, often within 24 hours or less. Due to the fact that we are located in over 40 markets across North America, you won't be left waiting for the critical subsurface answer you need.

  GPRS Nationwide Network  

Nationwide Network
Down the street, up the boulevard, and around the corner, GPRS’ subsurface locating professionals are never far away. With team members physically located in over 40 cities throughout North America, the answers to your subsurface problems are just a short drive away. You can expect the same professional service no matter where your project may be located.

Ground Radar Scanning
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